Aerial services provided are as follows:

• FM aerial installation
• Digital TV
• Additional aerial sockets
• Radio
• Combination aerials
• 4G Filters
Smart TV set up

Digital TV Aerials

Aerial installation using our local knowledge and signal test meters to install a digital compatible aerial to give you the best quality reception for your area. Our engineer will also test the sockets and set-up and tune your TV, Smart TV, DVD or Freeview box.

A typical installation includes:
• Digital Compatible TV Aerial
• Heavy Gauge Support Mast
• Galvanised Steel Brackets
• High Quality Digital Cables (coaxial)
• Outlet Socket and TV Connection Lead

All equipment is aerial industry benchmarked and comes with a full 12-month guarantee. We also have a specialist heights team for properties with difficult access.

Aerial on roof of house

Additional Aerial Sockets

We can install extra aerial sockets in as many rooms as you like from either an existing or a new TV aerial. If necessary, signal can be amplified so there is no limit to the number of sockets!

Radio Aerials (FM / DAB)

If you enjoy listening to the radio, then why not ask for details of our FM and DAB aerials? We can install a dedicated radio aerial to give you access to a wider range of stations and the best quality signal for clearer, high fidelity sound.

Combination Aerials

Did you know you can get a TV, FM and DAB signal through one cable?Our engineer can set-up a combined aerial mast to give you access to all free terrestrial TV and radio channels in your area, neatly installed with a single cable run to each TV and radio outlet socket.

Get in contact with any questions using the form below or call KB Aerials on 01634 264849 for ME postcodes and 01580 713373 for TN postcodes.