Having a problem with your sky box? Or need a dish installed in a location that other firms will not install?

KB Aerials are trained in traditional ladder skills to the latest safety standards and are therefore able to carry out the installation of sky dishes in locations that other installers won’t go. Our extensive experience allows us to tackle the dish sites with difficult access, over conservatories, and flat roofs, etc.

Some of the services that we are able to provide are:

  • Installing new dishes and LNB’s
  • Supply of reconditioned SKY HD receivers
  • Sky points in other rooms
  • Trouble shooting picture issues
  • Checking existing or setting up new systems
  • Moving sky dish to a new location

Get in contact with any questions using the form below or call KB Aerials on 01634 264849 for ME postcodes and 01580 713373 for TN postcodes.